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We match your skills and experience with new opportunities—powered by industry-best data and jobs.

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Why You Should Use Paths

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Market Your Skills

Ditch the stale resume and connect your experience with the hottest skills in your industry. We’re building Paths to help you tell your story with best-in-class job data.

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Actionable Insights

Unsure of where to start your job search? Want to grow in your current role? Paths helps answer your job-related questions.

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Built By Experts

Paths is built by the same team that industry-leading employers know and trust. We’re now using that same know-how to create resources for job seekers.

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Join Us

You’re the expert at your craft, but do you have a pulse on the jobs market? That’s why Paths is here. We’re building Paths to guide you through each step of your job search:

  • Lookup where employers need your experience the most.
  • Leave recruiters salivating with a data-backed resume.
  • Land interviews by aligning your experience with in-demand skills.

We changed how companies hire; now, we’re transforming that experience for candidates. To do that, we need your help! Be at the forefront of job seeking and finding the job you WANT.